Why B2P Partners is a perfect partner

  1. Lessons from industry leaders: Our team has helped many of the B2B market leaders including Siemens, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, HP, Baxter, Abbott, AT&T, Citibank, and others.
  2. B2B industry experience: We bring years of experience in financial services, information technology, medical products, and business services.
  3. High value: Our clients tell us we deliver superior value to other (traditional) research companies. Accordingly, nearly all our clients go on to conduct additional work with us.
  4. Innovative: We have developed several distinctive tools to improve marketing effectiveness such as Prospect Personas, Journey Mapping, Decision Dissection, Idea Ignition, Connected Content, and Purpose Positioning.
  5. Creative: B2P Partners is a solution consultancy, not a research factory. We use research to ground ideas in market reality, not to grind them into oblivion!
  6. Action-ability: We don’t just gather “learning”… we create and refine creative solutions that solve client and prospect problems.
  7. Proven: We bring a proven approach to our work that delivers superior impact, from Prospect Persona workshops to Idea Ignition facilitation.
  8. Rapid delivery: From our work with tech companies, we are used to tight schedules. Due to our experience we can hit the ground running.
  9. Focus on change: We focus on helping you create impact and results, not just reports with our persona workshops.
  10. Global experience: We have worked with several global clients in India, China, Japan, Singapore, across EMEA … and even Morocco.
  11. Tailored: All our engagements are custom-tailored to focus on you most need to accomplish.
  12. Collaborative: B2P Partners often partners with other marketing agencies to optimize the effectiveness of their efforts.
  13. Lasting impact: We help you signal a continuing focus on personas, with our life-size persona cutouts watching over meetings in your offices.
  14. Highly recommended: We would love to show you the many enthusiastic recommendations our clients have graciously given us over the years. Just ask us!