Personas With Punch

Many marketers try to get by with flabby, generic demographic descriptions of their audience rather than painting true, inspiring portraits of the people companies are created to serve.

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The Stories Of Companies That Succeeded Because Of Their Challenges

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Account Based Marketing

  • Marketing, as life, often gives you the test and then the lesson. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a lousy place to go this route. The stakes are higher. This is marketing to win an important account

Content Marketing

  • The Persona at the End of the Line Like most marketers, you’ve got “personas” on your “to do” list. You can’t be a self-respecting marketer these days without creating them. We all have seen the prese

CX / NPS / Loyalty

Innovation / Change Management

  • Instigation: This ‘challenger’ mining company in Africa was up against major suppliers around the world. Their core product was a low-margin commodity, and they were losing economies of scale to larg

Journey Mapping / Application

Management / Effectiveness

  • In the past few years "buyer personas" have become a standard marketing tool or concept. Unfortunately for many, they have become another "box to check" on the ever-growing list of things marketers mu

Personal Development

Sales & Marketing Integration

  • Your Top Competitor is not Your Competitor Consider this: fully 60% of B2B opportunities every year are lost, not to another provider, but to "no decision" or the status quo, according to a recent ent