Sales playbooks are the preferred practice of the best-performing B2B sales teams, according to Gartner and others.

While leading B2B companies equip their sales teams with playbooks, they tend to be glorified repositories of marketing materials without any tested relationship to how buyers really buy.

And they leave out the most important member of the buying environment: the buyer!

PlaybooksPlus™ offers six advantages over traditional sales playbooks:

Highly targeted

Plays are built around each specific ICP target and each persona for maximum impact

Buyer insights

Incorporates research insights to identify how your buyers really interact to build consensus for a provider’s offering

Sales team buy-in

We codify the best practices of the best sellers on your team – the leaders other sellers respect

Tested content

Plays feature content that reflects selling best practices and buyer needs

Training included

We don’t just deliver the playbook, we train your team in each play

Salesforce integration

Plays are built into the SFDC on your team’s desk each morning.

Where the baton often drops

Not surprisingly, the sales playbook is where the handoff between marketing and sales often falls short. Most PMMs and SEMs are stretched thin, and creating a playbook is no small task.

And that doesn’t include creating sales buy-in, training the sales team and building up use by the sales team – all required to make a sales playbook make a difference.

In less than three months, B2P can equip your team with:

  • Fresh insights about how and why prospects buy based on real learning from the buyers in recent wins and losses
  • Clear codification of the best sales practices of your best sellers
  • Conversion messaging that is proven to attract, compel, and differentiate
  • Immediate impact from a playbook that sales management, AE’s and SDR’s can start using in Salesforce the next day.

And we are able to charge far less than the standard sales training companies with high-overhead and less flexibility.