Our Solutions

B2P’s combination of human insights, data science, marketing strategy, and marketing creativity increases your marketing impact in five areas:

Demand Generation

Using a powerful combination of human insights and data insights, we equip you with buyer-based strategies that:

  • Shorten your sales cycle by focusing your efforts in area research shows are most productive
  • Deliver useful messages your buyers seek at each buying cycle stage
  • Differentiate your offering in the way your buyers actually make decisions
  • Hone personalized messages to each of your personas based on their needs


We increase your account-based marketing success by equipping you with insights about:

  • Account selection based on our data insights, human insights, and collaboration with the sales team
  • Persona messaging that’s effective because it mirrors insights about each persona on the buying team and their distinctive agenda,
  • Sales plays that reflect real-life buying situations (not mock scenarios that favor your product)
  • Account orchestration using “champion messaging” to help create buying team consensus.

Product Marketing

We equip you with a rich understanding of your buyers, their buying process, and their buying criteria so you can concentrate on honing the product to best fit their needs. We deliver:

  • Buying journey insights that will bring fresh energy to your sales and engineering teams.
  • Data analytics that identify your most important customer segments and what’s most important to them.
  • Messaging that commands buyers’ attention because it is rooted in understanding how they buy.
  • Pricing insights to help you align your pricing model with your prospects’ perceptual and budgetary buying models.

Sales enablement

We provide targeted messaging for every member of your sales team -- from SDRs to lead account reps -- based on understanding the needs of buyers and influencers they are meeting with, including:

  • Sales play books with real-life buyer input
  • Personalized emails pared with key content
  • Conversion-building workshops with sales and marketing teams based on insights about why you won and lost attractive accounts

Marketing technology utilization

We help you get more from your martech by increasing the power of your targeting and messaging strategies with:

  • Message personalization that reflects the real needs of each persona
  • Message targeting by getting the right message for the right stage for each persona
  • Pilot campaign development to test new ideas based on new buyer insights
  • Coaching by our team with 20+ years’ experience of digital marketing experience

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