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Account Based Marketing

  • Marketing, as life, often gives you the test and then the lesson. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a lousy place to go this route. The stakes are higher. This is marketing to win an important account

Content Marketing

  • The Persona at the End of the Line Like most marketers, you’ve got “personas” on your “to do” list. You can’t be a self-respecting marketer these days without creating them. We all have seen the prese

CX / NPS / Loyalty

Innovation / Change Management

  • Instigation: This ‘challenger’ mining company in Africa was up against major suppliers around the world. Their core product was a low-margin commodity, and they were losing economies of scale to larg

Journey Mapping / Application

Management / Effectiveness

  • In the past few years "buyer personas" have become a standard marketing tool or concept. Unfortunately for many, they have become another "box to check" on the ever-growing list of things marketers mu

Persona Development

Sales & Marketing Integration

  • Your Top Competitor is not Your Competitor Consider this: fully 60% of B2B opportunities every year are lost, not to another provider, but to "no decision" or the status quo, according to a recent ent