Personas With Punch

Many marketers try to get by with flabby, generic demographic descriptions of their audience rather than painting true, inspiring portraits of the people companies are created to serve.

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The Stories Of Companies That Succeeded Because Of Their Challenges

(Not Despite Them)

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Brand Clout - Maintaining Relevance & Profitability Amidst Constant Change

Brand Clout

Will Your Company’s Brand Survive in the Post-New Economy? A key question confronting marketers is: “What is the true value of my brand, and how can I manage my brand in order to get the greatest return on that value, to benefit my company and my stakeholders?”

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Opt-In Marketing: Increase sales exponentially with Consensual Marketing. by Ernan Roman and Scott Hornstein

Opt-In Marketing

From junk mail blockers to do-not-call lists, potential buyers today are more interested in “opting out” than listening to marketers’ messages. Opt-In Marketing offers a prescriptive plan for reversing this dangerous trend.

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It Takes a Village

This is a collection of essays, a village of ideas from a village of thought. It’s about business – what is it that these annoying customers really want? It is personal, because all B2B is, at the end of the day, personal.

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