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Barns burnt down… now I can see the moon.

-Mizuta Masahide


I’ve learned that if my life’s desire is for everything to go smoothly, it ain’t gonna happen. You can fight change, or you can see what opportunity might be behind door #2.

So when I get to the point where everything is changing, and I forget what I just wrote, I look back on the poem that is the title of this blog. It reminds me to open my eyes.

Interestingly, this poem was written in the 17th century by a samurai. The samurai were sworn to live their lives according to the ethic code of bushido or “the way of the warrior”. I’m not much for military analogies, but this one feels apt. A warrior has to choose wisely.

As we enter this new year, in this new, well, everything, the poem is reminding me, and I am reminding you, to choose wisely, to look past the disruption to the opportunity. The sword you can wield to find the opportunity is B2P Partners’ Decision Drivers process.


Choose Wisely

The Decision Drivers process is designed to answer perhaps the most important question in front of you:

Why Do Some Prospects Buy from You and Others Don’t?

It’s a process of researching your wins, losses, and stalls to better understand

  • when internal triggers activate search behavior
  • what content each persona seeks at each stage of the process
  • how your prospects differentiate between you and competitors

Decision Drivers is a strategic choice, moving your marketing from a world of guessing to a world of knowing. And that creates an opportunity to pivot and reset your marketing to the way the B2B companies make decisions NOW, to understand what’s changed and how. The investment buys you more, well, buying.

It’s the sun rising after a storm, to warm the land and illuminate the road to take.