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Do You Like Piña Coladas?

I was tired. I just logged on to my fourth Zoom meeting of the day, sat up and took a drink of water. The host greeted us and hit screen share to get to the powerpoint when a notice came on my screen. I’d seen it before, but never really read it.  All I remember is:

Press ESC…….

VERY attractive. Just press ESC and all this is gone. For a moment, it was like an immense weight was taken from my shoulders. I felt the sun on my back. I floated up from my ergonomic meshed cheap office chair.

It’s not so easy

Then I realized, there’s nowhere to go. Nowhere. I once knew a talented illustrator who relocated to Pape’ete. Everything, even an email, was a day’s turnaround. Doesn’t sound sustainable right now. The best you can do is change your Zoom backdrop.

Faced with that grim reality, I’d like to offer you an out-of-body experience where, if you’re doing it right, nothing will look or sound the same. And, it will be the best thing that has happened to you and your sales and marketing since we all began working from home.

It’s the arc of our Decision Drivers process, and it asks that you remove your corporate hat and walk a mile in the shoes of your prospects, to really learn how and why they buy. You’re not a passenger, you’re a participant, and if you’re serious and apply what you learn, you will see great progress, as have other companies in your shoes.

To get to the truth

The Decision Drivers process is designed to answer perhaps the most important question in front of you:

Why Do Prospects Buy from You and Others Don’t?

It’s a process of researching your wins, losses, and stalls to better understand

  • when internal triggers activate search behavior
  • what content each persona seeks at each stage of the process
  • how your prospects differentiate between you and competitors
  • why qualified prospects leave your funnel at each stage

Decision Drivers is otherworldly, moving your marketing from a world of guessing to a world of knowing. And that creates an opportunity to pivot and reset your marketing to the way the B2B companies make decisions NOW, to understand what’s changed and how. The investment buys you more, well, buying.

So come with me and escape from the drumbeat of “what’s the right next step” to stepping out with your best foot forward.

C’mon over and kick the tires.