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What I Learned About Content Creation From Roy G. Biv

A children’s mnemonic device to remember the colors of the rainbow, or light refracted through a prism, or the palette of visible light.

I bring this up for 2 reasons:

  • First, because I am continually amazed at the reality that white light is not monochromatic, but envelopes the spectrum;
  • Second, because my profession is to attempt to illuminate, to connect the dots and shine a light on things that are meaningful, which I find to be endlessly fascinating.


Storytelling to provide meaning

Often this illumination is in the form of storytelling. Whether written or performed, these stories (content in marketing-speak) can be very effective in helping readers, prospects and customers see hidden truths and gain insights which will help them grow, and to look to you for help.

It’s in the construction, and the telling, and relies on insight, empathy, and professionalism.

“Content is king” is the phrase, but for the king to rule, the content has to reveal, entertain and resonate. It must move that reader along a path to a greater enlightenment, perhaps even a “aha”.

There are three elements  of storytelling and content creation that’s I’d like to shine a light on:

  1. Purpose, or the reason you are creating this story. The right answer is to present you with that “aha” moment as a reflection on the value I provide.
  2. Inclusivity, because the story can’t be about me. It’s got to be about you.
  3. Clarity, or the answer to the reader’s question, what’s in it for me?


A beacon cutting through the fog

I’d like to introduce you to the way we see these stories – our Connected Content process – which is rooted in all three and generates stories that are more powerful because they are rooted in a real understanding of the how and why your prospects buy, which is not because of your product..

Connected Content showcases your Intelligence, leadership, wit and personality, while substantially benefitting your reader, listener, prospects and customers.

So c’mon and take the spotlight, and focus it on your readers. Connected Content is best way to show them the way.