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“There is nothing so constant as change…”

Change is the byword these days… and it’s happening everywhere.

The interesting thing is that change is always happening – the quote is from fifth century B.C. Greece — we’re just more aware of it these days.…and there’s a lot to be aware of.

At B2P, we are using this opportunity to make (and announce) some changes that we’ve been making as well. A rolling stone gathers no parking tickets.

Who we are
First, even though we are a small company, this is not our first crisis…

Believe it or not, B2P Partners was started (literally) on 9-11 back in 2001. Like you, I remember where we were and what we were doing nearly 1000 weeks ago.

Just a few years later (in 2008) I remember seeing a line of people walking out of Lehman Brothers at midnight, igniting the Great Recession which consumed our thoughts (and our 401-Ks) over several years.

Now we’re in a new kind of change – a physical pandemic that is being experienced around the globe for the first time in real time. But every kind of change is new… that’s why it’s change.

So it’s not our first critical rodeo. Nor yours. And apparently we have gotten this far. We shall get through this one together.

Introducing some more marketing muscle

Speaking of being together, B2P Partners has grown to be a consortium of a half-dozen top-notch B2B growth champions. You can see more about who we are here. And now that includes a long-time “friend of the firm”, Dennis Flynn.

Having led marcom for several B2B companies as well as serving a wide range of clients at major agencies and running his own agency and consulting group, Dennis brings a practical perspective to all our intelligence and marketing work.

In fact, Dennis was a member of the original B2P team, before he went “client side” with several B2B companies. So it’s great to have him back. Dennis will be helping to grow our marketing execution work that springs from our buyer insight work.

And speaking of change, Dennis wrote the book on keeping up with it: Brand Clout: Maintaining Relevance and Profitability Amidst Constant Change.

You can welcome him at or (623) 208-9430. Next week you will enjoy a post from Dennis on uncovering your buyer’s new journey.

We all need to get B2P in the next normal

To us, “B2P” isn’t a jumble of letters and numbers. It’s a mission to “make B2B more Powerful by making it more Personal”; hence, B2P. It’s the next version of B2B that we need even more in the emerging “next normal.” We all need to “get B2P.”

These days we are focused on delivering the “power of knowing how and why your prospects buy… or don’t”. We view this as the single most important bit of knowledge in your company. Without understanding this, you have a product. With this, you have a business.

The B2P Mantra

Our approach to helping grow your business reflects the way business is built…

First, we uncover

  • how your prospect teams buy through buyer journeys
  • why your prospects buy or don’t through win-loss-stall-churn research
  • who your prospects are through buyer personas

Based on those business-building insights – the architecture of the firm your prospects are looking for – we empower your marketing and sales teams with:

    • The only sales playbook created from buyer insights as well as seller best practices
    • The go-to-market plan that reflects the targeting, positioning, messaging, and contacting plan your prospects are seeking.

Finally, we can create the “connected content” to enact this strategy, or guide your existing teams to make your marketing “buyer centric”.

In the coming weeks we will share some approaches that are particularly appropriate for the current “third crisis” of the 21st century. Feel free to contact us for some free consultation as you prepare for your new buyer journey in the “next normal”.