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None of us is as smart as all of us

Have you noticed that people these days are acting a bit more, well, human? (Aside from when that old lady elbowed her way in front of you in the toilet paper line.)

That’s because we’re in “the time between”.

Right now we’re at the point in this cosmic roller-coaster ride when we’ve just slowed down for a moment to catch our breath before we hit the next big acceleration (whether that is up or down).

The momentary time ‘between’

We’re between the “old normal” when we were focused on getting stuff done in the “business as usual” world and the “next normal” that will start to emerge in the next month or two, when the novelty of this new situation starts to wear off (or wear thin).

What we need to be doing now

Once we get into the “next normal” we won’t have the luxury of exploring where we are – we will be too busy trying to get ahead. The unique opportunity we have now — before the new dust settles — is to come out of our holes (or home offices) and look around before we jump back in.

What we ought to be doing now is exploring and experimenting to find what works and what doesn’t. And the best way to get fresh input in a chaotic world is to connect with other smart people who are focused on answering the same questions…

Getting as smart as all of us

In the words of Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager, Raving Fans, etc.),

none of us is as smart as all of us”. This is a unique chance to meet new colleagues and get fresh input.

So here’s what I suggest – B2P is going to host a few small group discussions with fellow B2B marketers over the next week or so. Think of it as “Marketers in Homes Getting Coffee”.

It’s an energizing and helpful experiment at our virtual water cooler.  We will compare notes and start relationships for the Next Normal we’re about to face while we have the opportunity.

We will limit the groups to 8 – 10 people per session so everyone gets a chance to share and connect with the others (and we know some great people).

Grappling with the Next Normal

We will focus our conversation on one of these topics. Each group will vote on what they want to discuss together.

  1. Unprecedented Change: What can we anticipate and prepare for in the phases of medical and economic recovery ahead?
  2. Crisis connections: How should we conduct B2B sales & marketing in this new relational environment?
  3. Business of B2B: What are your buyers thinking now and how can you stay in synch to help them create consensus around solving business problems in their new environment?


Let me know HERE which days / times work for you. Please pick ALL the ones that are OK so I can best organize the groups. It won’t be boring!

We will share contact info and provide a brief session recap.  In addition, I will send everyone a free copy of my book REpossibility on recovering from the last crisis to provide more conversation.

I look forward to talking with you soon and introducing you to some great people!
Feel free to email me or call me at 925-270-9400.