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So what is your REpossibility?

The disruption and distress of the past month is about to pass… into April.
It seems like this is not going away anytime soon… and means we have time to reflect on where we are — to get a handle on where we might be going.

Déjà Vu All Over Again
You see, this is not the first crisis of the 21st century. In fact, it comes at the other end of the record bull market that started with the Great Recession.

I remember that ominous sinking feeling twelve years ago as I watched a line of human “ants” walking in and out of Lehman Brothers loaded with boxes of papers and possessions at midnight.

Back then, I remember hearing that “this is the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression”! Which got me thinking…

How did people make it through the Great Depression?
Apparently, we did — because we’re still here! I wondered what can we learn from past crises and what can we apply to this crisis? That question is what led me to explore how companies that succeeded navigated their way through the Depression and other life-threatening challenges.

I identified the stories behind a half-dozen companies in a variety of industries. And found something I wasn’t expecting…

I discovered that these companies did not succeed because they were better at avoiding or enduring their obstacles. After all, the Depression was hard to “skirt around”.

The surprising journey
Instead, they succeeded precisely because of the challenges they faced – and the way they used that challenge to transform them into the leader they became.

Now THAT is exciting! Think of it – a company can become more than it was before because of the way it responds to its challenges. That means that the fate of companies lies with them, not with the obstacles that threaten them!

While all companies start with a vision or “possibility”, these companies were forged into true leaders by facing a second shaping challenge — their REpossibility!

Let’s start our own REpossibility
I picked a handful of these stories for a book where I identified the factors that created the REpossibility for that company. And there’s a powerful implication for us today in what I learned.

You can read these true short stories yourself for free in less than an hour HERE. Or get the book for yourself on Amazon for just $9.99.

I will share my take-away lesson in the next post. I would really like to hear your take on what you think the lesson is for today.

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I can share with you my list of 14 ways corona is changing us forever.

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