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Decision Drivers: It’s Win, Lose, or Draw for B2B Sales. Your Call.

Nosebleed stakes

In sales it’s win, lose, or draw. There are no other options. The stakes could not be higher. Here’s how marketing can help turn the odds in your favor.

Insider information

Winning the sale has less to do with selling and much more to do with how and why clients buy. Clients of ours have learned the how and the why of the buy decision by conducting Win, Lose, Draw qualitative research where we interview the champions inside recent wins, losses, and draws. It’s a critical component of our Decision Drivers process.

Ante up

Sales is a big bet game. Here’s what some of these companies learned from the Decision Drivers process:

  • The company believed they had to appeal to multiple personas at once. Win, Lose, Draw research uncovered that they could win by concentrating their messaging and sales efforts on just one.
  • The company was worried that they were not price competitive. Champions refocused us on TCO, where the company has everyone beat, hands down.

Winning big

It’s not just luck and it’s not “just numbers”. The winning percentage can be leveraged, if you’ve got game.

  • According to CEB (a subsidiary of Gartner), fully 60% of B2B opportunities end in no sale. Learning how to avoid or prevent draws can be very rewarding.
  • A small increase in your win percentage will have a huge impact on your top and bottom lines.

Want to play?

Check out the power of our Decision Drivers process and how it unveils critical insights about the buying process.

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