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The Voice of Customer Research: The Heart of Buyer Personas

The Heart of Marketing’s newest podcast, How to Gather Voice of Customer Insights That Transform Your Business, features an interview with B2P’s Scott Hornstein on how voice of customer insights put the “person” in persona.

Per John Olson, host of The Heart of Marketing,

What’s the difference between a customer profile and a persona?

It is the difference between data and insights. Data will tell you a customer bought. The persona will tell you why.

Voice of customer research captures the preferences, expectations and aversions of your customers. It digs deeper into customer feedback to ask, “What do you mean by that?” That’s what puts the ‘person’ into your persona.

More than ever, making a human connection with customers is a key to b2b success. If you want to increase sales, improve retention and loyalty, if you want greater customer satisfaction, if you want to develop breakthrough products, then you have to understand the voice of customer.

“Voice of customer depth research helps you break through the corporate mythology of widely held assumptions and tells you what you didn’t already know about your customers.”

Join us in this interview with Scott to learn how to inject the voice of customer into your business strategy.

Episode highlights:

  • How ‘marketing attention deficit disorder’ (MADD) blocks us from innovation
  • How personas drive competitive advantage
  • Why qualitative voice of customer research is imperative for effective personas
  • Real case examples

The Heart of Marketing is produced by John Gregory Olson, one of the top 100 content marketing influencers, and PR marketer Jayme Soulati. The podcast’s mission is tofocus on 2 keys to marketing success:

  • Building a solid strategy for growing sales
  • Making “heart connections” with customers on the Web and in real life


Please listen to the podcast HERE