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Asigra has been quietly providing data backup and recovery software for decades. Positioned as the “cloud backup expert”, Asigra serves more than 550,000 sites throughout the world with single-minded devotion. Content to devote all their energy to supporting their channel partners, they are one of the most accomplished companies you’ve never heard of.

 By focusing solely on backup and recovery, Asigra developed a string of product innovations that led to industry analysts including them among preferred enterprise-grade backup solutions. The good news was that this opened a long-sought opportunity — to expand from SMB to the enterprise. The bad news was that the enterprise marketplace is home to the well-known and well-entrenched 500 lb. gorillas of technology. Asigra needed a positioning that enabled them to get meetings with senior decision-makers at the corporate level.

 Asigra selected B2P Partners to engage our expertise in research, marketing, and creative development to build an effective and differentiating positioning.


Our exploratory persona research unearthed a nuance that seemed easy to overlook — enterprise IT directors view data backup very differently than data recovery: backup is seen as a dull administrative task to be minimized, but data recovery is a strategic imperative.

“Recoverability is the goal. If something goes wrong, the issue is how easy is it to get your data back? Nothing else matters”

Additionally, (and unfortunately) as corporate business managers, they had an almost religious aversion to talking about backup in the cloud, even though they understood it had great technical advantages, meaning that our client was saying exactly the wrong thing (“cloud backup experts”) to get into the enterprise.


The import of our findings was not lost on management and they asked B2P to undertake an overhaul of the basics of their marketing and messaging, from positioning to advertising to content.

First, we created a new tagline to map out their distinctive, single-minded focus on strategically-important data recovery. We re-christened them with Recovery is Everything” as the new tagline. The cloud, which blocks out the sun for many executives, was relegated to a feature. Carrying this forward, we revised all of their graphics, graphic standards, and advertising.

B2P Partners revised all their content marketing to focus on recovery rather than backup, including white papers, webinars, an award program, email marketing, events, etc. And we equipped sales and marketing with a unified vision and plan for quickly understanding an inquiries’ purchase potential with prospect personas for both prospects and non-prospects.

Their new positioning has opened the door with some big players and a funnel of qualified leads. The founder summed it up best, “’Recovery is Everything’ captures all that I have been working on for 27 years.”