Our Solutions

B2P increases your marketing effectiveness by unveiling
how and why your prospect teams really buy.

B2P’s combination of human insights, data analytics, plus marketing strategy and creativity lets you create the marketing experience your buyers are looking for.

Demand Generation

attract and convert faster and better with insight-based targeting & messaging


increase program success with reality-based account selection, effective persona messaging, sales plays, and account orchestration.

Product Marketing

raise the quality and impact of your messaging by knowing what topics each persona seeks… and where.

Sales enablement

equip the team with tools their prospects are seeking and insights from conversations they will never have with sales reps

Marketing technology utilization

get more from your martech by knowing which personas are seeking which messages.



Optimize your pipeline by knowing
how your buyers buy

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What Our Clients Say

Our mission is to make B2B marketing more powerful by making it more personal.

Learning Center

Account Based Marketing

  • Marketing, as life, often gives you the test and then the lesson. Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a lousy place to go this route. The stakes are higher. This is marketing to win an important account

Content Marketing

  • The Persona at the End of the Line Like most marketers, you’ve got “personas” on your “to do” list. You can’t be a self-respecting marketer these days without creating them. We all have seen the prese

CX / NPS / Loyalty

Innovation / Change Management

  • A recent assignment, interviewing senior executives worldwide about their purchase process reinforced our view that some or all of what you think you know about your prospects is yesterday’s news. Abs

Journey Mapping / Application

Management / Effectiveness

  • In the past few years "buyer personas" have become a standard marketing tool or concept. Unfortunately for many, they have become another "box to check" on the ever-growing list of things marketers mu

Persona Development

  • Come, take a walk with me and let’s talk about sales. In fact, I’d like us to put on our prospect hats because the experience is unique. It’s really important to our discussion.

Sales & Marketing Integration

  • Your Top Competitor is not Your Competitor Consider this: fully 60% of B2B opportunities every year are lost, not to another provider, but to "no decision" or the status quo, according to a recent ent