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Our Focus

We equip you to get noticed. Get differentiated. Simplify complex sales. Shorten long purchase cycles. And get more efficient and effective at all of it.   We do this in five B2B marketplaces where this is most challenging.

What’s common to these four industries are high-value, high-stakes, complex products with multiple decision-makers and complex decision paths.

But that’s just what we like. (We were those annoying kids in class who always did the extra credit problems). 


Information Technology

Financial Services

Medical Technology

Business Services



B2P is a great partner! They are easy to work with and super-effective.  Their collaborative style allows us to engage in an agile fashion. I’ve known Wayne for many years and hired him more than once. I recommend B2P without hesitation! John Eng

CMO, Tradeshift

In my thirty years of marketing I have not met someone who is better able to derive insights from customers. It was great to see the way they think – I got an education just working with them. I consider ourselves fortunate to have them work with us. Tim Walker

Senior Group Product Manager, Baxter Healthcare

The B2P team is terrific.  Their work brought fresh new insights that helped us fashion new approaches.  This was one of the best engagements that I have had with any outside firm. Jim Nuckols

SVP, Marketing, Sharp Healthcare

B2P is really a more than professional partner. I really appreciate their expertise and personal spirit in combination with depth expertise in the field of customer personas. I’m really looking forward to the next project with them. Thomas Michael Koller

VP Communications, Siemens

 We value the long term, brand-building perspective B2P Partners brings to their work, the strategic insights they generate, and the valuable real-world experiences they share.  We highly endorse them as a strategic thought-partner“. Dave Freeman

VP Marketing & E-Business, Avery Dennison

Wayne has a great combination of business acumen and research experience that make the results he brings more insightful than any other researcher I’ve worked with.  Knowledgeable, responsive, insightful, and actionable are the words I would use to describe the team and their work. Dennis Flynn

Director of Corporate Communications, Maxwell Technology

B2P Partners is fantastic at providing really helpful insights that yield excellent results. B2P truly is dedicated to their client’s success. I have seen them do whatever it takes to get the assignment done impeccably! They have a great team. Dr. Peter Spitzer

CTO, Provident Health System

What I especially like about working with B2P is that they take full responsibility for doing the best job possible, going beyond what consultants normally do! They have the talent to really get to the bottom of things by asking the critical right questions. They truly delivered what we aimed for at the start of the project and produced the best outcome possible for us! Pierre van Doorn

Senior Marketing Manager, Reed Elsevier

 It is a true pleasure working with the B2P team. They really understand how to build the foundation for successful vertical marketing programs. The team’s vast experience working with some of the biggest brands in IT has proved extremely beneficial. I highly recommend them to firms looking to develop effective marketing programs that translate into revenue. Tracy Staniland

VP Corporate Marketing, Asigra Technologies

How a Real Persona Made a Real Difference

In the past few years “buyer personas” have become a standard marketing tool or concept. Unfortunately for many, they have become another “box to check” on the ever-growing list of things marketers must do… often without much to show for the effort. So… are personas a real asset to marketers or just another faux marketing fad?

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Turn your Case Studies into Selling Stories P1

There are some things in life that you know how they will end even before they begin. The movie Casablanca is a classic example. You know from the start of the movie WHERE the story is going. You just don’t know HOW. And the HOW is what made it a classic. A case study...

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4 Steps to Get Real Marketing Impact From Your Personas

The Persona at the End of the Line Like most marketers, you’ve got “personas” on your “to do” list. You can’t be a self-respecting marketer these days without creating them. We all have seen the presentations of these B2B or B2C customer types in human form, from...

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Listen – Here are 6 Ways to Gain a B2B Prospecting Edge

While conducting Net Promoter Score (NPS) research for a b2b technology client we asked the president of an operating division of a large multinational the following, “you gave our client the highest NPS score, what is the greatest benefit you get from them?” The answer, “our salesman”.

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Marketing as Smog

Many b2b prospects have expressed that unfocused marketing communications are noxious – clogging the air and littering the landscape, substituting quantity for quality, volume and weight for insight. Surely, if our message is everywhere, and if we speak loudly, our prospects will flock to our door. Sure – ask the people of Mexico City or Beijing, how’s that breathing thing coming along. Ask them about the view.

I think marketing is doing way too much talking.

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The Hidden Problem of Innovation Marketing… or You Can’t Solve A Problem Until You Create One

Let’s just say you landed a job as the new CMO at a really great growth company. And not just ANY company. You just snagged a role at a really hot start-up. Pre-IPO stock options. In-house chef. The works.

But wait – there’s more! Your product (or service) is not an “also-ran” entry in an undifferentiated commodity market with nothing to talk about. No, you’re marketing a true leading-edge product with demonstrable superiority. A product (or service), they say, that practically “sells itself”. You nailed it!

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The Case for Marketing Coaching

A Different Way to Work in a Different World

The traditional consulting model simply isn’t working for many medium-sized businesses. Traditional consulting services can be expensive, opportunistic, and somewhat out of touch.

Lately we’ve been experimenting with a different model. We call it marketing coaching.

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Part 3: Commitment – Boost Results 10% to 20% Now by Making Your B2B Website Smarter

This is the third in a 3 part series on how you can make your website a lot smarter, and work a lot harder.

Three Critical Success Factors

I can’t give you the dissertation on smarter websites, but I can share these the three critical components of smart websites:

The Prospect to Product Connection
Metrics that Matter
We’ve covered CSF 1 last week, here are 2 and 3.

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