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Our Mission

To make B2B marketing more powerful by making it more personal

This isn’t a cute trick. It’s really a profound truth… that even in B2B, people are the key. Even when they think of themselves as rational, logical, and unemotional, they are the key at the end of the day, businesses don’t buy products. People do. Teams of individuals with their own values, perspectives, and agendas are the ones that make the buying direction. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the most effective marketing is what best equips corporate teams of people to accomplish their own human goals.


Life is too short for mediocrity. We believe client relationships are a gift. We treasure them.


Life is too short for mediocrity. We believe client relationships are a gift. We treasure them.


Life is too short for mediocrity. We believe client relationships are a gift. We treasure them.


Life is too short for mediocrity. We believe client relationships are a gift. We treasure them.


Life is too short for mediocrity. We believe client relationships are a gift. We treasure them.

Our Story

We really believe stories should be told over a beer, so grab a cold one while you read this or give us a call. We all have our personal journey to share so ask any of us. But the B2P story starts with the founder, Wayne Cerullo, so let’s start there.

Wayne started in marketing before the internet. (Yes, it’s possible). He actually worked on the real Madison Avenue helping “Brand A” beat “Brand B”. He didn’t care so much about Brand A or Brand B, but he really cared about why real people cared about either brand. You know, that ‘perception is reality’ thing.

After doing a lot of B2C marketing, he was attracted to the hot new world of B2B technology marketing just as the Internet was being born. Having started on marketing potato chips, he found blue chips and silicon chips far more interesting. This wasn’t about buying simple inexpensive products people could see and smell and eat, they were buying invisible multi-million dollar services in multi-functional teams where their reputations and entire careers could be advanced or wrecked by their choices.

Wow! This could be really cool! And it was.

Planning communications to help launch (and relaunch) the brands of IBM, Microsoft, and Intel (the original “tech trifecta”) all around the planet was heady stuff. But it wasn’t entirely. In the marketing development process, strategy got lost. Creativity got lost. People got lost. Purpose was nowhere to be seen.

Wayne launched B2P with the idea that B2B didn’t have to be that way. It could be both strategic and creative. It could be centered on serving the people it seeks to attract. And it could help companies stand for something more aspirational than maximizing shareholder equity.

Our Team

B2P partners is a team of seasoned marketers who bring deep, proven B2B experience to client challenges. We’ve been there / done that. And are still passionate about making the world a better place one client at a time. Did we mention, we’re a hecka fun to work with?

Greg Weaver

Greg Weaver


Greg is a successful sales strategist who has grown sales for numerous technology companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 50 leaders. Naturally inquisitive and analytical, he draws keen insights for developing and executing many successful sales methodologies and processes.

Greg has held Sales VP roles at Salesforce, Sybase, and Aspect Communications, where he led many new product launches, giving him great insights into what is necessary both inside and outside a company to be successful in new markets.

Greg earned his undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly and his MBA from National University. He is active with several non-profit organizations and enjoys cycling, tinkering in the garage, and trying to be a good husband and father.

Wayne Cerullo

Wayne Cerullo


Wayne founded B2P Partners to make B2B marketing more powerful by making it more personal. His passion is to help companies and individuals more effectively and enjoyably serve the people who are their clients. Wayne has helped shape the global marketing communications of IBM, Microsoft, and Intel while serving as planning director for their global agencies, Ogilvy & Mather, McCann-Erickson, and Euro RSCG.

His work earned seven EFFIE awards for marketing effectiveness. Wayne also gained an appreciation for the client side of marketing at Citibank and EF Hutton. Starting with BA from Princeton University in the (oxymoronic) history of modernization, Wayne indulged his penchant for TLAs with an MBA from NYU.

A former New Yorker and one-time Parisian, he lives in the San Francisco area with his wife, two children, and road bike.

Scott Hornstein

Scott Hornstein

Market Strategist

International author, lecturer and consultant, Scott has worked with clients in all phases of marketing strategy, research and implementation. His customer relationship methodology emphasizes respect and trust, and promotes opt-in relationships between marketers and their customers to maximize customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value. He has worked with companies large and small to introduce and build new ideas to profitability, implement high-quality lead programs, improve marketing performance and accountability, and reengineer customer interfaces to boost satisfaction, referral and return on investment.

B2B clients who have benefited from Scott’s expertise include Microsoft, IBM, HP, AT&T, and Merrill Lynch as well as Viryd Technologies, Applied Biosystems, Franklin Covey, and PaperDirect. Scott’s most recent book is, Opt-In Marketing, and a second book will be coming out later this year. His articles and interviews have appeared in Brandweek, Adweek, Sales & Marketing Management, CRM, Catalog Age, BtoB, DMA Insider, The Toronto Star and more.

Scott’s ability to make client companies hum reflects his own penchant for jazz, playing in an ensemble near his home base in Redding CT.

Jennifer Berkley Jackson

Jennifer Berkley Jackson

Research Manager

Jen has a passion for helping organizations excel by integrating customer insights into their business processes and strategic decisions. She brings her natural curiosity and background as a product manager and customer service director to her customer research efforts. She applies her expertise in survey design while implementing surveys and conducting interviews for companies including Cisco, Adobe, Oracle, and many other Silicon Valley natives.

Jen has lived in San Jose since she attended San Jose State University and received a degree in Marketing. She now teaches The Power of Market Research at UC Santa Cruz Extension and is on the board of several professional organizations. In her rare spare time, she enjoys playing all types of board and card games, reading books, bike riding, hiking and experimenting in the kitchen.

Dennis Flynn

Dennis Flynn


Dennis is an international marketing executive and author with over 25 years of experience in B2B and B2C sectors, having worked in various senior level positions in client-side, agency and entrepreneurial environments.
After leading west coast offices for Saatchi & Saatchi and for BBDO, Dennis founded his own successful advertising agency serving international clients including Toshiba and Gateway computers.

He then founded and ran a strategic consulting firm for several years, whose strategic planning model was adopted by Ericsson Mobile as a key part of their planning process. Summarizing lessons from his experience, Dennis then authored a book on branding titled “Brand Clout”.

On the corporate side, Dennis has built and led highly successful International business-focused and metrics-driven marketing teams for several mid-tier companies and enterprises.
Dennis has lived in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco and now lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and two children.

Dr. Peter Spitzer

Dr. Peter Spitzer

Medical Specialist

Peter brings together a distinguished career in medicine, healthcare, IT and business — skills and expertise which he has applied to manage and advise numerous leading firms in medical technology. Peter has a real-life perspective that comes from operational experience in a number of senior positions as GM, CIO, CTO, and CSO. He understands the customer role from his work at Texas Children’s Hospital as well as the provider role from his tenure at Aspeon, Dendrite International, Ameritech Healthcare, and American Medical International.

Peter’s counsel has been sought by healthcare leaders such as Glaxo-SmithKline, Eclipsys, WellPoint, ProtoCare Sciences, UniHealth America, Dendrite International, and InfoMedics, as well as divisions focused on healthcare of Ameritech, Sybase, IBM, and AT&T. Peter has helped them develop systems for electronic medical records, healthcare administration, and enterprise management, which are in use around the country. Recognized as a leader in healthcare technology, Peter has chaired the Medical Informatics Forum for the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE), founded and chaired several committees for Health Level 7, contributed to the Institute of Medicine’s Computer-Based Patient Record Study, Computer-based Patient Record Institute, and AHRQ. Peter received his M.D. degree with honors from Harvard Medical School as the youngest member of his graduating class.

He also holds an MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT, an MBA from UCLA, and a BS in Bioelectrical Engineering from MIT. He is a Fellow of the Health Information Management and Systems Society and a recipient of the HIMSS Clinical Systems Award. An actual native of Transylvania, Peter lives in the Los Angeles area, where he enjoys tennis and science fiction.

Raj Misra

Raj Misra

Raj is a leading expert in the application of econometric analysis and decision theory to develop actionable, data-driven business intelligence. Colleagues value him as a razor-sharp resource who they can understand and enjoy working with.

With his 15+ years of industry experience, he brings a unique combination of strong business acumen and extensive data sciences expertise that is valuable to any project.

His work has been instrumental in driving key strategic business decisions at some of the world’s leading entities including Microsoft, Pearson, Pratt & Whitney, Carrier HVAC, Chubb Insurance, and Otis Elevators, as well as B2C powerhouses such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, and T-Mobile.

Giving Back

We see the work we do in a broader context. Our greater mission is to help our clients make life better for their clients by understanding their needs and serving them better. We believe business can and should be the engine of change in a world that very much needs it. That’s why we make a contribution after every project to Opportunity International, a leading international micro-finance group that helps a deserving small businesses in developing countries. Most of these businesses are run by village women working hard to feed their families. Together we can make a difference not only in your company, but also in lives of hard-working entrepreneurs around the world. It’s a cool parallel.

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