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Process Overview

B2P marketing starts with uncovering who your key prospects really are and what they really want. Beyond the obvious to the Key Prospect Insight™. Inspired by this key truth, we identify who to target, how to reach them, and what to stand for. At this point the strategy comes to life with online and offline tactical plans that bring to market what we already know your prospects are looking for and hoping you will deliver. There it is. B2P marketing in three simple (if not easy) steps. Marketing as if your prospects were the lifeblood of your company. Because, well, they are.


Get inside your prospects’ heads and hearts with Prospect Personas™ and Prospect Journeys™ based on in-depth research that unveils sharper insights.

Identify new business opportunities with action-oriented profiles of prospects and their purchase journey in our proprietary frameworks developed from the best practices of the marketing profession. Uncover authentic, hidden reasons beyond price, product, or politics to why you have won and lost prospects and the actionability to convert more sales.


Identify your Key Prospect Insight™ from Explore phase learning. This is the single central idea that connects your product with your prospects. It gives you the power to create a marketing competitive advantage through your positioning, messaging, and targeting.

Your Purpose Positioning™ is where your prospects’ needs intersect with your company’s passion (even if it is latent). It’s the critical difference in B2B between marketing “talk” and company “walk”. And even for commoditized industrial products made by and purchased by unemotional engineers!

Based on your Key Prospect Insight and your Purpose Positioning, we create messaging and targeting strategies that delight your prospects, energize your team, and scare your competitors.


With insights translated into strategy, now you can translate strategy into action plans for online and offline marketing programs as well as sales force support.  

We call this Connected Content™ – marketing that’s already connected with your prospects, because it’s based on understanding what’s important to them and how they seek to learn. 

In typical b2b marketing, strategic insights often get lost when they are translated into execution. That’s why we act as your strategic steward through this part of the process. We can implement plans with our own network or we can partner with your existing creative resources.

Now execution will be as strong as the strategy behind it. You get to market faster, stronger, and happier.

From Pain to Plan

Want to get your team from pain to plan in just one quarter? You can share this introduction to B2P with teammates.
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One-Day Jumpstart

Want to jump-start your team’s focus on your prospects? Need to get your team aligned quickly for an upcoming product launch or repositioning?
Consider a one-day facilitated session to get everyone on the same page and focused on finding the insights that will drive how your prospects connect with your products.
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