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  Research Report: Power & Potential of Personas

How B2B marketers use & view buyer personas
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  • How widely are buyer personas used?
  • How much experience to B2B marketers have with personas?
  • How much do marketers pay for creating personas?
  • What is included in most buyer personas?
  • For what marketing functions are personas applied?
  • What are the biggest frustrations with personas?
  • How effective are their personas?
  • What contributes to persona effectiveness?
Results are based on an online survey of 170 B2B marketers in winter 2014 / 2015.

We would like to give you a copy of the report.

B2P Partners recently conducted a multi-sector online industry survey of B2B marketers to assess the use, attitudes, successes, and disappointments with this increasingly-common marketing tool. In this 6-page summary you will learn:

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The Power & Potential of Personas
How effective do marketers say personas are? What is the key difference between effective and ineffective ones? 
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What’s (NOT) in your Persona? 

Our research shows there are great variations in what marketers put in their prospect personas. See what elements are included — and not. 
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