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In our research on enterprise purchases, the failure to develop a favorable consensus in the buying teams providers are trying to prospect is the top challenge we have seen grow over the last 15 years.

The challenge of creating a buying consensus has become critical as:

  • UntitledThe buying center has grown larger to an average of 5.4 stakeholders, with up to 34 people involved in decisions at larger corporations.
  • Buying teams have become more diverse as corporations have become more matrixed, more functionally integrated, more global, and flatter, with fewer “corner” offices to force final decisions.
  • The average B2B purchase cycle has ballooned to over 8 months (complex ones are much longer) requiring at least 17 touches.

As a result, it is estimated that as many as 60% of B2B explorations lead to no selection of a provider! This is unsustainable. But what can we do?

To help actually win deals, B2B marketers need to evolve their focus from simply generating leads and promoting products to helping orchestrate consensus.

Facilitating consensus is the only way

that all the activities to get to this point in the sales cycle

will convert to sales that prove efficacy.

Consensus is crucial when it comes to ABM – Account-Based Marketing to win larger strategic accounts.

UntitledMarketing contributes to large wins by identifying and equipping your internal champions inside the prospect organization to:

  • advocate for your solution,
  • overcome internal resistance, and
  • create a decision consensus.

B2P offers 5 tools to help marketers equip their team support their internal prospect champions:

  1.  Prospect Personas to unveil in advance how to win over as many team members as possible
  2.  Account Persona to improve your ABM team’s positioning to win a particular set of accounts and identify likely champions
  3.  Prospect Journeys of individual roles and combined
  4.  Account Journeys to map in advance the typical interaction of prospect team roles,
  5.  Champion Messaging to equip your internal prospect champion with arguments to overcome internal resistance and promote buying team consensus

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