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What is B2P?

B2P is the next generation of B2B marketing. Beyond marketing to Businesses.  It’s marketing to the People who make everything else in your business possible – your Prospects. B2P is marketing from the Prospect out.

Today’s B2B marketers are dealing with more than ever before. 

We call it MADD – Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder.

Marketers don’t have insight into their best prospects, so they – or you – spend more time on things that aren’t really working.

B2P identifies what you can do less of and makes the work you’re already doing more effective by showing how you can get more impact from it.

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people_icon-largerWhy B2P?

As a marketer, you are doing more. Are you getting more from it?

B2P marketing is a strategic response to the profusion of tactical programs that have taken marketing over at many B2B companies. More programs pursuing more tactics running on more technology pumping more content over more channels to generate more “leads”.

More is less. Less integration. Less conversion. Less impact.

With a B2P approach, more focus creates more impact.

How We Can Help

Our prospect intelligence equips you with prospect-centered strategies that increase your impact and make your expansion more effective and efficient.

Impact Improvement

Marketing Effectiveness: you’re not generating the impact you seek despite investing in numerous tactical programs

Purchase Cycle Acceleration: your sales team is languishing in a long, complex purchase path with low conversion

Differentiation: Stand out in a commoditized industry

Sales Engagement: Sales team quickly get to senior decision-makers


Market Introduction: Introduce a new product

Market Expansion: Expand into new industries or geographies

Market Evolution: Facing a new technology or a new competitor or a new buying pattern with confidence

Vertical Marketing: Seek greater impact by targeting a high-value vertical

What We Deliver


B2P marketing strategies bring B2B companies closer to their prospects and closer to their passion.

B2P Partners equips you with a marketing action plan that gets you to market faster and smarter.

  • Faster because our strategy development process is more efficient and integrated than typical B2B planning and the same team works with you from start to finish.
  • Smarter because our plan springs directly from strategies  grounded on insights we uncovered about who your best prospects are and what they really want from you.

B2P marketing is B2B marketing the way it was meant to be.

How We Work 

B2P marketing starts with understanding who your key prospects are and what they really want. Leading to a strategy of who to target, how to reach them, and what to stand for. Ending with prospect-centric tactical plans to bring your Prospects into your Business.

Discover what really drives your prospects, how they make decide decisions, and what is the single most important thing to know about winning them.

Translate prospect insights into the strategies that drive target, messaging, and positioning to unite them with your company.

Translate strategy into action plans for online and offline marketing plus sales engagement programs. 

One way to accelerate your results is to hire B2P in a coaching role

You have a good marketing team in place, but you are lacking a senior strategist to make work effectively. You need a coherent, productive, marketing strategy. A strategy based on your needs, not just Google Adwords.

Bring in a senior B2P strategist to get the most from your marketing team and your budget for as long or short as you need.

Pick our brains without picking your pockets

Listen – Here are 6 Ways to Gain a B2B Prospecting Edge

While conducting Net Promoter Score (NPS) research for a b2b technology client we asked the president of an operating division of a large multinational the following, “you gave our client the highest NPS score, what is the greatest benefit you get from them?” The answer, “our salesman”.

Marketing as Smog

Many b2b prospects have expressed that unfocused marketing communications are noxious – clogging the air and littering the landscape, substituting quantity for quality, volume and weight for insight. Surely, if our message is everywhere, and if we speak loudly, our prospects will flock to our door. Sure – ask the people of Mexico City or Beijing, how’s that breathing thing coming along. Ask them about the view.

I think marketing is doing way too much talking.

The Hidden Problem of Innovation Marketing… or You Can’t Solve A Problem Until You Create One

Let’s just say you landed a job as the new CMO at a really great growth company. And not just ANY company. You just snagged a role at a really hot start-up. Pre-IPO stock options. In-house chef. The works.

But wait – there’s more! Your product (or service) is not an “also-ran” entry in an undifferentiated commodity market with nothing to talk about. No, you’re marketing a true leading-edge product with demonstrable superiority. A product (or service), they say, that practically “sells itself”. You nailed it!

The Case for Marketing Coaching

A Different Way to Work in a Different World

The traditional consulting model simply isn’t working for many medium-sized businesses. Traditional consulting services can be expensive, opportunistic, and somewhat out of touch.

Lately we’ve been experimenting with a different model. We call it marketing coaching.

7 Best Practices to Boost Your B2B Prospecting

We’ve recently completed interviewing CEOs worldwide about their company’s purchasing process, and their individual contribution. It has reinforced our view that some or all of what companies think they know about their prospects is yesterday’s news. The pace of change is astounding:

Basic needs are being redefined
Channels of marketing delivery are changing
Roles and responsibilities to the decision making process are in flux.

B2B Prospecting Is Not What You Think. It’s Personal.

During a research interview on behalf of a highly innovative tech manufacturer, I asked a customer, what this company’s greatest strength is. The answer-my sales rep. B2B Prospecting Is Personal It’s a tenet of my marketing belief system and a strong competitive differentiator. The better we understand our prospects and customers as people, the better we can communicate with them about their goals and challenges. Are We Making B2B Marketing More Personal or Making More Marketing?

A Smart 4-Step Formula to Identify B2B Prospect Opportunities

Not all B2B prospects are created equal. Some are ready to buy now, some later, some not at all—yet marketing tends to invest the same in each one, which is inefficient at best.

I’d like to suggest a simple four-step formula that will bring an early identification of B2B prospect opportunities and allow us to gauge our marketing investment in a prospect per potential return. The formula is based on the concept of “propensity to buy” or the likelihood that a given prospect will purchase. Understanding and measuring this concept enables us to focus on real opportunities.

Is Direct Marketing Dead? – Podcast

The internet is the greatest direct marketing medium every invented – Seth Godin.

The Heart of Marketing’s newest podcast, Direct Marketing is Alive and Well on the Internet, features an interview with B2P’s Scott Hornstein on whether, in these heady times of digital disruption, direct marketing retains its relevance.

The core reason b2b prospecting underperforms

The overwhelming majority of people working on any given b2b marketing campaign have never seen, met or spoken to a customer, and certainly not a prospect. They work from reports and results. They are separated, a gap to a chasm, from the often-conflicted humanity of the people that make the decisions. This separates your campaign from its potential.

We are not fishing on the shores of Lake Abundant – it’s harder than ever to differentiate ourselves, to find, nurture and motivate the prospect as the world become increasing atomized.

Know More. Learn More. Understand More.


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